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Exam 2 The exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions. Please select the BEST answer from the options given. You have until midnight, Sunday, November 7, 2010 to post your answers. The exam is open book, open notes, but must represent your own work. Good Luck!!!! 1. [2.0 points] [ Case 4.1 As the Director of HR, you are leading a management discussion to plan and implement a management of diversity program. You are concerned that management, while tolerant, tends to stereotype minorities and this will eventually lead to trouble. Your company's top three markets are in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. All three are heavily Latino in make-up. The senior management team is all male. The youngest member is 58 years of age. Martinez, the VP of Operations, feels that people should blend together and that focusing on differences merely creates divisions. He thinks that you should have a common training program to create a unified "American" company culture. Patrick, VP of Finance, doesn't see the need for a program. He respects that people are different but he feels that once you get to know a Hispanic, African-American, or Asian-American, you know how to work with any Hispanic, African-American, or Asian-American. Besides, Patrick doesn't believe the company should get into affirmative action programs. They tried it ten years ago and it created all kinds of problems. Simon, the CEO, thinks a diversity management program is important. He believes the company is missing some important talent without such a program. Simon feels that the company can create a competitive advantage by being in the lead on this issue and also believes the changing workforce is going to force such adjustments at some time in the future. Refer to Case 4.1. Martinez's approach to diversity management: a) assumes that the company does not need to worry about diversity because demographic trends are moving away from it. b) reflects the competition for opportunities among minority groups. c) is based on his experience with affirmative action programs. d) expresses the belief that the key to understanding diversity is understanding each individual's group membership. e) is based on a perspective that people can control the factors that make them diverse. 2. [2.0 points] You are discussing changing your performance appraisal system with your executive management team. The VP of Operations would really like to be able to compare employees working for different managers in different areas of the plant. The best appraisal system for this would be a(n):
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a) absolute system. b) behavior-based system. c) outcome-based system. d) ranking system. e) relative system. 3. [2.0 points] Two line managers, Cameron and Ty, are performing appraisals on their subordinates. As they discuss their findings, they realize that they have very similar views on how they rate performance. The work that Cameron rates as excellent, Ty rates as excellent. The work that Ty rates as average, Cameron rates as average. This similarity indicates:
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Exam 2 answers - Exam 2 The exam contains 50...

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