Group Project 2 - G roup Assignment #2 I rene Tajong Khuram...

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Group Assignment #2 I rene Tajong Khuram Javed Valentin Slutsky Norbert Szymanski Carmisha Williams (missing number 5) 1) The Juan Valdez Coffee Company has approached you, Spain’s Head of Business Promotions for advice on how to initiate their planned expansion there. What would you suggest? Would you suggest them to use a Greenfield Investment or are there some troubled Coffee opportunities within Spain? Explain your reasoning. In today’s day and age it is very important to make the right decisions and promote the right way. The reason for this is to make the company’s money and spend as less money as possible to promote the product. If I was giving an opportunity to help Juan Valdez Coffee Company with an advice on how to initiate and plan expansion with their product, I would first explore the area where I would like the new shop to be set up. I would also talk to the people throughout the area and ask them what kind of coffee do they drink? Also, what would be best time for the coffee shop to open up? Because most people like to drink their coffee in the morning before work and get their energy to get their day started. In my opinion the most important part of expansion is the competition. It is also very important to look in to why in the past Juan Valdez Coffee didn’t do well and how it can be improved. I would explore the area and see how many coffee shops are around that specific area and how much they are charging for their cups of coffees. Also during the expansion I would interview the farmers and find out how much they are willing to charge the company for their product. This is very important for the company. The price needs to be set with the farmers so the Company will know how much money they need to invest and calculate outcome in order to make the profit. Yes I would defiantly recommend the use the
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Group Project 2 - G roup Assignment #2 I rene Tajong Khuram...

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