HR WORK - 1 Is the company hiring enough minorities to...

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For each of the 5 HR-related measures below, list 3 uses of the data , and 3 data points that could make the information more relevant or meaningful for you. 1) Employee absenteeism a) Cost b) Production levels c) Employee attitudes towards work 1) How much absenteeism cost a company because they have to fire the employee 2) Do employees make up their work when they are absent? 3) Increase absenteeism could mean that they are lacking motivation to work 2) Percentage of employees participating in company offered health benefits programs a) Quality of benefits b) Quality of information flow within the company c) Cost of benefits 1) Medical plans? Why or why not people are participating in the plans. 2) Is the number accurate? Was the survey completed by all full-time employees? 3) How much the benefits cost for the employees contribution 3) Diversity of workforce a) Compliance with discrimination laws b) Effective recruitment of talent c) Process Improvement
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Is the company hiring enough minorities to prevent adverse impact? 2) What kinds of attributes are being considered when recruiting? 3) People from different places bring new ideas and help growth and development 4) Hours of training attended per employees a) Employee motivation b) Employee job skill levels c) Employee Productivity 1) What means are being used for motivation? (Incentives, benefits, etc.) 2) How well is the employee trained to tackle on different tasks 3) Does the employee have enough training to produce good quality work 5) Customer satisfaction a) Employee customer service aptitude b) Ratio: Satisfied vs. unsatisfied customers c) Cost of keeping customers happy 1) See how employees react to what kind of customers 2) Have access to see the percentage of happy customers to either continue or change 3) How much refunds/discounts are being given to customers to keep them happy?...
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HR WORK - 1 Is the company hiring enough minorities to...

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