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Organizational Behavior 1 Organizational Behavior Application Paper Organizational behavior is important for anyone who is trying to open up their own business. The reason it is important is because it helps build the relationships between people and the organization. More reasons that organizational behavior is important to understand is it helps the business owner achieve better relationships by achieving human objectives, organizational objectives, and social objectives. The book that was used in our class was called ORGB by Debra L. Nelson and James Campbell. The book explained more in depth about employee’s attitudes, emotions, communication, leadership, and politics. All these topics can be applied to character in film that I recently watched. The movie that I watched is called Employee of the Month and is directed by Greg Coolidge. The film focuses on many different types of characters in the workplace and how most of them lack motivation. Many employees need motivation and rewards for them to perform more efficiently in the workplace. To fully understand how the concepts we learned in the classroom apply to the films main character, Zack Bradley, we must do an analysis about the changes the character goes through to win the employee of the month prize. The concept that we must analyze from the book is motivation concepts. First we must look at the well known theory of motivation, the hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy of needs include physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. According to the theory of motivation, each one these concepts must be satisfied to give motivation to the employee. This is where we start the analysis of Zach Bradley. Zach starts off as a guy who goes to work late and does the bare minimum because he believes that he is getting paid for just being a box-boy and he feels that he doesn't have to go beyond his work responsibilities. He doesn't have any self- actualization because he has a basic minimum wage job that he can easily get anywhere else. His rival at the company and the antagonist in the film is Vince Downey. Vince recently receives the employee of the month award seventeen times in the row and many of his co-workers, including Zach, don't believe that the award has any significance of any sort. All this changes to Zach with the arrival of the new and pretty cashier Amy. With the arrival of Amy, we can arrive to the physiological portion of the theory. The physiological part of the theory includes the needs of hunger, thirst, shelter, sex, and other needs. Zach develops a natural attraction to Amy and wants to impress her but is thwarted by Vince in the process of Amy's job orientation. When Zach discovers that Amy dated the previous employee of the month at her previous job, he knows that he doesn't stand a chance against Vince, who has won the award a record seventeen times in a row. When Amy turns down Vince after an awkward date, Zach is motivated to win employee of the month award to win Amy's heart. During the next few weeks, Zach begins to wake up earlier
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Ajit Application Paper - Organizational Behavior 1...

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