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Khuram Javed Business Applications 02.BU.A : Page 17, # 16 Who: Firefighters What: Pulling force How: Study When: N/A Where: N/A Why: Compare the abilities of men and women required for firefighters Number of Variables: 3, Pulling Force (Quantitative in Newtons), Weight (Quantitative in pounds), Sex ( Categorical) 02.BU.B: Page 16, #2 This scenario has a Categorical variable response 02.BU.C : Page 17, # 20 Who: Customers What: Customer Information that includes: Name, ID Number, Region of Country, Date of
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Unformatted text preview: Purchase, Amount of Purchase, Item Purchased How: Using a database and customer records When: N/A Where: N/A Why: To build a database that shows the relations of customers and sales information Number of Variables: 7, Name (Categorical), ID Number (Categorical), Region of Country (Categorical), Date of Purchase (Categorical), Amount of Purchase (Quantitative, Dollars), Item Purchased (Categorical)...
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