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Test 2 Study Guide - Test 2 Study Guide: 4/6/2009. CIS 105...

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Test 2 Study Guide: 4/6/2009. CIS 105 Application Software Application software performs tens of thousands of specific tasks the end‐user needs, like creating a budget for accounting, creating a resume, or making a professional presentation. Commercial application software has been developed by hundreds, even thousands of people and is constantly evolving to meet the infinite needs of the end‐user, so the chances of application software not fulfilling a user’s needs are remote. Business Application Software Suites Software manufacturers like Microsoft and Mac produce business application software and sell them in packages called software suites, or productivity suites. Software suites usually have three to five basic application softwares. Application Microsoft Mac APPLICATION MICROSOFT MAC Word Processor Word 2007 Word 2008 for Macs Spreadsheet Excel 2007 Excel 2008 for Macs Database Access 2007 Presentation PowerPoint 2007 PowerPoint 2008 for Mac Project Management Project 2007 To facilitate ease‐of‐use, Microsoft has incorporated a similar functionality into all of their Office products, which give them a familiar look and feel throughout all of their products, whether they are running on Windows or Mac OS. All of Microsoft Office 2007’s and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac’s application software are presented on the user’s monitor in rectangular boxes called windows. Multiple windows that represent multiple applications can be used at the same time, which is called multi tasking . Microsoft Office 2007’s and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac’s most notable change was to replace menus with “ ribbons ”. The ribbon is a GUI element composed of a strip across the top of the window that exposes all functions the program can perform in a single place. Word Processing Software Word processors allow a user to make document files. Documents can be created, updated through editing, s aved to secondary storage, and eventually printed. Word processing applications are often taken for granted because of their ease of use relative to other business software applications and the perception of singular use. A word processor document can also be saved as a web page for the World Wide Web, and often times in a business environment, an Intranet, which allows an organization to communicate essential information for operations. Intranet human resources manuals, policies and procedures, knowledge bases, and many other essential functions can be created in a word processor and posted directly, including images and hyperlinks. Spreadsheets Spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel 2007® and Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac presents an interface in grid of information separated by columns and rows, often financial information that is capable of calculation and graphing, and most importantly, “ what if ” analysis. The intersection of a column and row is called a cell. Each cell is labeled according to its column and row location,
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Test 2 Study Guide - Test 2 Study Guide: 4/6/2009. CIS 105...

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