CCT STUDY guid for midterm

CCT STUDY guid for midterm - Convergence Industry and...

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Convergence, Industry and Digital Theory Theoretical Issues: The digital media enable cinema to tell stories in new ways o Narrative as the supergenre of the 21 st century. Digital media enable new forms/ways to tell stories (CGI, for example) in new ways, but are still filming classically designed stories. Indexicality as a tradition unsettled by the digital o Before, idea that what was being photographed in front of the camera was real (even if it was actors acting out a scene) now, this is unsettled because we don’t even need to shoot a live action event (shoot anything real) – its just one of many options with digital cinema; its just another graphic that can be easily manipulated. Digital cinema as a sub-genre of painting o The form is very malleable. It has a much more physical process of manipulation (not just shooting footage, but shooting and then manipulating footage to look how you want, adding things in, etc, or not shooting footage at all). Creation and modification are blurred*** o Confuses as much as it solved problems. Now, online newspapers, online films, online television Definition of Digital Cinema = live action + painting + image processing + compositing + 3D computer animation Has cinema been reinvented on the computer screen? This isn’t that different than predigital, there was still some live action, still painting sculpture, costume – film has always been multimedia Digital effects and the ‘shock of the new’ o Film also has a long tradition of this: new technology making impact on society (with the birth of cinema, people went to nickelodeons and looked into individual stereoscopic players to see technology) Now, people are going to see digital effects as much as they are to see the characters. The dominance of the indexical and the photographic (but, this still the most important) 4 implications for the digital turn Short Question: What are these implications) : o Greater kinds of illusion Get to a point where we can’t tell the diff between what is CGI and what is “real” (indexical) o A challenge to audience activity/interactivity Fan sites, movies where vote to decide what happens next o Democratization of the production process Availability of software (means of production) through digital technology is easier and cheaper, more people can do it.
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o New and different exhibition windows Netflix, hulu The CGI dilemma: new possibilities with interactivity or a descent into superficiality Stupid Sci Fi movies with no depth, Ick. Or, Lord of the Rings: Could never have been told without CGI Realisms: New tradition in attempting to define what digital aesthetics mean: hard to define what this is, so many approaches Traditional/Cinematographic (old to new), CGI Verisimilitude (appearance of truth), Photo Realism, Hyperrealism, Spectacular Realism (spectacle moment), Synthetic Realism (history or animation in which creating a world with its own rules/codes/laws)
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CCT STUDY guid for midterm - Convergence Industry and...

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