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CHAPTER 6 LECTURE NOTES System Software System software , often called firmware , is software that manages and controls the physical hardware of a computer so that application software can work. Application software are the programs that help an end‐user do a particular task. Starting the Computer When a computer is turned on, it immediately starts loading system software to eventually provide the essential operating system, or platform. Every time a computer is powered up, it needs to know what resources it has to work with, like programming files , expansion cards , and amount of random access memory . Starting the Computer Loading the platform into the computer’s memory is called booting . Powering up a computer on for the first time is called a cold boot , and a computer that is restarted while it was already running is called a warm boot . When electricity courses through the circuits of a personal computer that has just been powered up, the first thing that happens is that system searches for the basic input/output system ( BIOS ). BIOS is firmware programming embedded in to a computer chip, meaning the computer runs the same program every time it’s turned on. Starting the Computer On a typical business computer, once the BIOS locates a hard drive, it is able to execute instructions and programming that loads the operating system . The operating system in turn takes control and configures the computer’s hardware to settings stored in a database called the registry . Once the hardware settings are determined, the operating system loads system utilities , like virus protection programs. In business, it is extremely important that the operating system
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cisnotes6 - CHAPTER 6 LECTURE NOTES System Software System...

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