FAS 101 Quiz 2

FAS 101 Quiz 2 - FAS 101 Quiz 2 1. Equity theory suggests...

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1. Equity theory suggests that people are most satisfied in relationships that include which of the following attributes? a. distributed justice b. retributive justice c. Western justice d. proportional justice 2. The rates of change in the breadth and depth of self-disclosure in the early stages of relationship development indicate that a. breadth increases while depth increases. b. breadth increases faster than depth increases. c. breadth increases slower than depth increases. d. breadth decreases while depth increases. 3. Impression management refers to managing impressions of ourselves that others form. a. True b. False 4. Commitment is best characterized as a. the strength of one’s intentions to continue a relationship. b. the kinds of future outcomes a person expects from a relationship. c. the effort a person spends maintaining a relationship. d. the need for a particular relationship regardless of its subjective quality. 5. The book recommends using which of the following for specifying our feelings: a. using I-statements b. using u-statements c. saying “I do.” d. None of the above 6. According to Gottman’s research, it is important to maintain a reward-to-costs ratio of at least a. 1 to 1. b.
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FAS 101 Quiz 2 - FAS 101 Quiz 2 1. Equity theory suggests...

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