FAS 101 Study Guide for Quiz 2

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FAS 101 Study Guide for Quiz 2 Below are some concepts that you might want to review as you prepare for Quiz 2. Please remember that this study is designed to assist you in your study efforts, it in no way should be your sole focus for preparing for the quiz; all material covered since Quiz 1 is fair game for Quiz 2. This includes all lectures, articles, chapters, video clips etc. If you have any questions as you are studying please feel free to contact myself, Erin, or
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Unformatted text preview: Brandon. Impression management Self-fulfilling Prophecies Primary effects First impressions Attribution process Nonverbal functions/components Miscommunication Self-disclosure Sex differences in Nonverbal Theory of Social Penetration Established Relationships Interdependence Theory Equity/Equitable Commitment Costs/Rewards Communal Relationships...
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