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WST week 6 - women can put on make up or different styles....

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For My magazine analysis I looked at the new magazine for cosmopolitan featuring Carrie Underwood. Throughout the article I realized that although the magazine was written for women, it is still portrayed as if a man is looking at the magazine. All of the women in the magazine are all very skinny and slender. All of the women are also used as sex symbols and seen using sex to promote sales. The women are shown looking low cut dresses and swimsuits. All are seen in poses, which are very promiscuous. All of the ads are seen portraying ways that women can become more beautiful or what they are lacking in order to reach this unattainable goal. Their are tons of articles explaining how a women can become more beautiful and ways that
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Unformatted text preview: women can put on make up or different styles. There are also many articles, which talk about sex and how to perform better for your man. Women are seen as objects and used as a way to sell a magazine and product. It says how sex issues can be solved and how one could perform absolutely better as if everyone is not capable. I compared Cosmo with the Ms Magazine for the summer issue from 2009. In this magazine women are portrayed in a less seductive way. It almost seems as though women are being seen as making a difference in the world rather then just objects of the world. Even the articles written in the magazine are in a more business sophisticated matter....
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