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Sexuality Sexuality- "sexual behaviors"- all of the behaviors, thoughts and feelings that fall into sexual expression Sexual Orientation- the idea of what gender is attracted to what other gender. Is thought to go along with gender Sexual Scripts- basic ideas we have in society about how people should engage in sexual activity, what sexuality looks like. Example: 1. Men are supposed to be more interested in sex 2. Men are supposed to initiate sex 3. Older people are not supposed to be interested in sex Heterosexism- a bias for heterosexuality and against homosexuality. Hetero="normal" Compulsory Heterosexuality- the idea that heterosexual behavior is the only acceptable option Causes women to not question their sexual desires for men's benefit Leads to inequality Control of men over women Discriminate against homosexuals Lesbian Continuum- a term coined by Adrienne Rich, who wants lesbianism to be viewed in a broad sense so that women get emotional support from other women. Lesbianism is more than sex and relationships. Homophobia- the fear of being labeled homosexual, and usually a strong hatred for homosexuality in general. Lesbian Bating- if you assume the lesbian is a negative term, and you apply that to your behaviors and lifestyle you are lesbian bating.- homophobic in nature Lesbianism is used to discredit a wide range of women's activities. Ex- "since the girl plays softball-she must be a lesbian" First and Second Sexual Revolution- 1920's the time of the flapper. Women get the right to vote. 1960's time of the hippies Birth control becomes largely available Women branch out into other professions Sex becomes common place Movies are able to show more sexual images Ides of the sexual double standards still exists.
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Fist Sexual Revolution o Blames Sigmund Freud (1920’s) o Freud believes that sexual repression was the cause of most neurosis and this belief was quickly adopted, and adapted by middle-class Americans o Followed WW! Second Sexual Revolution o Viagra o Central to the sexual revolution was the growing acceptance of sexual encounters between unmarried adults o Marked by profound shifts in mores and attitudes towards women’s sexuality, homosexuality and freedom of sexual expression Issues surrounding LGBTQ- the largest percents of teens that have committed suicide are Les, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer teens. There are barriers for non heterosexual couples. The Continuum of Violence Against Women Violence against Women - a system of social control - violence is not natural- it’s a social construction - Every act of violence has a social context - Example: war, rape Coercive sex and rates of violence- every 2 seconds a women is raped. VERY common in the US. Violence against women is much more common in the US than in Europe. Virility mystique-
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WST100- Final exam_study guide_complete - Sexuality...

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