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Food inc Notes - Movie notes The way we eat has changed...

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Movie notes The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years then in the last 10,000 But he imagery used to sell food is the imagery of augraian America Modern America supermarket has on avg 47,000 products No seasons in American supermarket Ex. Tomatoes year round, grown from all over the world picked when It was green ripened with a special gas, it looks like a tomatoe but it’s the notion of a tomatoe the idea of one -no more bones in meat The industry doesn’t want you to know the truth about what you are eating because if you knew u might not want to eat it Reality is it is a factory, meat being processed by big corporations that have little to do with farmers Our food is coming from enormous assembly lines wehre animals and factory workers are being abused Food is becoming more dangerous in ways that are being hidden from us Small corporations are gaining control of food, because they oversee everything from the farmer to the supermarket Its not just our health at risk, the companies do not want farmers talking they don’t want this story told FAST FOOD TO ALL FOOD - a handful of companies has changed what we eat and how we make our food - we have been eating this food all of our lives without any idea of where it comes from and how powerful the industry that controls our food is - world deliberately hidden from us - hole industrial food system began with fast food - 1930s drive in restraunts came to be - mcdonalds had a successful drive in but decided to slimpfy ad fired all the car hops created a revolutionary idea on how to run a restraunt - basically brough the factory system to the kitchen - trained each worker to do one thing again and again - could pay them low wage and easily replaceable, inexpensive food - huge success - mentality of uniformity, cheapness, and conformity, has all types of unintended consequences - macdonalds largest purchaser of ground beef in the us when they want all their mcds to have the same tasteand sametype they unkowingly they change how ground beef is produced
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- mcds one of the largest purchasers of potatoes and pork - these big fast food chaings want big quantities so now there are several corporations controlling our food system - 1970’s the top five beef pacjers controlled only about 20%of the Market - today the top four control about 80% of the market Ex. Tyson - even if you do not eat at a fast food restraunt you are now eating meat that is being produced by this system - when u look at labels that say farmer this and farmer that it is really the top four companies controlling the meat - we have never had food companies this big and this powerful in history - Tyson is the biggest meat packing company in the world - Industry changed the way chickens are raised - Birds arenow raised and slaughtered in half the time they were 50 years ago - Chickens are twice as big as before, and they redesighned the chicken to have large breasts because people like to eat white meat - Not only changed the chicken changed the farmer, farmers no longer
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Food inc Notes - Movie notes The way we eat has changed...

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