1 - Getting Started with SAS w Output

1 - Getting Started with SAS w Output - Getting started...

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Getting started with SAS. The document “software_docs_SAS_Win.pdf” on the course website describes the SAS windows that you see when you start SAS. Please read this document. This document also describes SAS Analyst for Windows, which is a menu-driven interface to SAS. For this course, we will not focus on the SAS Analyst, but will instead focus how to create and run SAS programs. However, the SAS Analyst is a convenient way to perform some SAS functions, and is worth examining. When you start SAS, you will see a “Help” item in the menu bar at the top. Select Help/”Getting Started with SAS Software”, then select “Go” for an introduction to SAS. You can access SAS documentation under the menu Help /SAS help and documentation. Select the “Content” window, and then select “SAS Products”. The SAS statistics procedures that we’ll use in this course are described in the section SAS/STAT. For this course, the most relevant sections are the “SAS/STAT User’s Guide” Introduction sections on regression, ANOVA, categorical data analysis and survival analysis. The User’s Guide has chapters describing each of the procedures in great detail, including FREQ, GLM, POWER and others that we’ll use. If we you want to know the details of how a procedure works, or what all the options are, look at these chapters. In addition to looking at the “SAS/STAT User’s Guide”, when we get to the lecture on power and sample size, you will find it useful to read the SAS/STAT section on “Getting started with the SAS power and sample size application”. This UCLA site has online movie tutorials on SAS and many other valuable SAS
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1 - Getting Started with SAS w Output - Getting started...

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