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Book Review: This requirement is only for the graduate students. The books should be selected in consultation with me as early in the semester as possible. The length of the book review should be 6-7 double- spaced, type-written pages. The review should attempt to answer as many of the following questions as appropriate. Do not attempt to simply answer the question or follow the given sequence. Strive to write an essay that incorporates appropriately as many of the ideas below as possible. 1. What is the purpose of the book? 2. What is the problem? 3. Where did the information come from? 4. How is the information interpreted? 5. What are the conclusions? 6. What are the assumptions? 7. Which viewpoint was relied on? 8. What are the implications of conclusions? 9. How are conclusions justified?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. How do the book’s ideas, themes, concepts, and conclusions relate to those discussed in the textbook and class? The reviews should be handed in by the established due dates. Late submissions will be subject to heavy penalty. Note: Edited books pose more difficulty in that you may not have a single, tightly articulated purpose and theme but possibly as many as the edited work has contributors. So the challenge is bigger and you will have to also worry about editing issues. This is not to discourage you from doing an edited book; it is simply to alert you to the bigger challenge you will have with edited books. You might nonetheless choose to do an edited book but knowing the challenge in advance will help you plan for it....
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