MEP Online, Fall 2010 Syllabus

MEP Online, Fall 2010 Syllabus - Fall 2010 POL 5/443:...

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Fall 2010 POL 5/443: MIDDLE EAST POLITICS (ONLINE) DISABILITY STATEMENT "If you are a student with a documented disability, please see me as early in the semester as possible to discuss the necessary accommodations, and/or contact the Disability Services Office at (507) 389-2825 (v) or 1-800-627-3529 (MRS/TTY)." CLASS OBJECTIVES This class has several objectives, namely: 1. To identify patterns of change and continuity in the contemporary Middle East; 2. To understand government structures and dynamics of political system; 3. To analyze the role of such forces as religion and nationalism; 4. To identify major actors and assess role of governments in a selected number of countries within the region; and, 5. To understand causes, issues, and consequences of regional conflicts. CLASS FORMAT Online. INSTRUCTOR’S ROLE As this is an online class, I have several roles 1. Administrator: This role covers managing the process of active learning, ensuring the proper pace of progress, ensuring that course expectations and requirements are clear to all, and that requirements are met. 2. Expert & Facilitator: my role here is to ensure that your active learning is promoted in a transparent manner. I would seek to make sure that discussions stay on track and that key course ideas are adequately addressed and reflected on. I will try not to be heavy handed in the process. So I will not do frequent posts. I will do a lot of “lurking” on your posts and will intervene, amplify, redirect, or summarize whenever I feel it to be appropriate for me to do so. 3. Evaluator: my role is to evaluate all of your course work in terms of both quantity as well as quality. 4. Technical Advisor: I would encourage you to contact the Help Desk for most, if not all, of your questions that relate to how D2L works and other technical matters. I would, however, welcome questions that relate to my part of the technical side, namely, configurations and restrictions relating to tests, discussion items, and dropbox items. Instructor
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MEP Online, Fall 2010 Syllabus - Fall 2010 POL 5/443:...

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