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Middle East Study Guide for Midterm Examination Exam Date/Time: 8 am CST, Oct. 8 - 7:59 am CST, Oct. 9, 2010 The exam will cover videos, online articles, and text chapters due by Oct. 8. The exam is worth 80 points and will consist of 32 multiple choice, fill-in space, and true/false questions. You find the Midterm Exam under the “Quizzes” tab on D2L. Make sure to download Respondus, if you have not done so already, as soon as possible. You’ll find it among the downloads under the student resources and if you run into technical difficulties, make sure to contact the Helpdesk (x6654). NO MAKE-UPS! Topics/Concepts: 1. “The Middle East"—What’s in the name? 2. Country Profiles (as outlined in the assignment).
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Culture & its influence (Pappe’s chapter will be quite helpful here.) 4. Religion in the Middle East (Islam—pillars, sources of law, etc.). 5. Arab nationalism (varieties, ideas, etc.). Here also understand what Barnett’s is arguing in his article “sovereignty, nationalism, and regional order” and how this related to the identity “concentric circles”. 6. Importance of the Middle East. Blessings/curse? 7. Impact of the Iranian revolution. 8. Sunni-Shi`a differences. (Khuri’s discussion about the role of ulama in the respective branches is one important aspect here). 9. Shaheen’s “Reel bad Arabs” 10. Map of the region (states, rivers, seas, mountains, etc.)...
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