victimsreview#2 - Legislative and procedural reforms...

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Victims and Survivors Review for Exam #2 Chapter 6 Common Law Definition of Rape UCR and NCVS Statistics on Sexual Assaults Rape Typologies Lundberg-Love Geffner Model of Sexual Assault Rape Kits Crisis Reaction Repair Cycle Psychological First Aid Theories of Sexual Battery Legal Reforms Chapter 7 History of Spousal Abuse Domestic Violence Statistics Reasons for attrition in domestic abuse cases at prosecution stage Women who kill Minneapolis Experiment
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Unformatted text preview: Legislative and procedural reforms Anti-stalking laws Federal legislation Clemency requests for victims of domestic abuse who kill Chapter 8 Definitions of abuse and neglect Statistics for child abuse and neglect Mandatory reporters Strategies for combating child abuse Problems with enforcing child maltreatment laws Legal reforms Theories of child abuse Shaken Baby Syndrome Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy...
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victimsreview#2 - Legislative and procedural reforms...

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