capstone question - Southern cotton dominated the...

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In the political cartoon, "England's Cotton," the effect of the Civil War on other nations is illustrated. The drawing features two gentlemen in American attire engaged in a tousle in the cotton store. A British man is being ignored while an Indian person watches the event take place from across the street. This is a very correct synopsis. Cotton was not native to Europe and necessitated importing. In the world market, the Confederate states were a major player and the British were the largest consumer. With the South ceasing export enough to meet demands, Britain had to find its cotton elsewhere, that place becoming, for the most part, India. Slave states saw more economic recessions when Britain began to look elsewhere for cotton. The Civil War shaped domestic economic changes by creating further hostilities between the North and South.
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Unformatted text preview: Southern cotton dominated the nation’s economy. The cotton and the cash it created powered everything from trains to cattle. The entire nation suffered under the iron rule of King Cotton. There was a new profitable wartime industry created, however: weapons. This would later translate to machinery and the further advancement of the industrial North. Socially, the South became a more cohesive unit within the United States, a change that continues proliferation. The War Between the States brought derision among political parties. There was dissent on how the matter of slavery should be handled. Though, or perhaps because, slaves were eventually freed because of the war and allowed to advance them and gain respectable jobs, civil unrest and social discontent abounded....
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capstone question - Southern cotton dominated the...

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