samplemidterm1sol2A - M ath 2 A S ample idterm I M...

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Math 2A : Sample Midterm # I This exam consisls of 4 questions worth I0 points each ond 4 questions worth I S points each. Read directionsfor each problem corefulty. Please show all work nieded to arrive o, io* solutions. Label graphs. Clearly indicate yourfinal cinswers. L) Mark each of the following statements as frue or false. (No work needs to be shown.) a') lf f is a continuous function and /(1) ) 0 and /(5) ( 0, then there exists a number c between t2*Qlch thar f (c) = O. ( fru) Fatse Ifl is .[email protected] 5 and f(5) = 2 and (4) = 3, then lim, .-z (4x? - LI) 2. @, Farse d-4- -lx"*xl =lZx+71 o.x True If limr. .,sf@) =0 andlimr-s g(x) = 0, then limr-,5 4 Aors not exist. e,) Ifl is differyDri\ble at a, then / is conrinuous at a. rrut\ Fatse \._/ 2.) A graph of a function g(t) is given below. Sketch a possible graph of g' (t), !,, b.) c.) d.) :t
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1"1"1:i:,:::j::t /t whose graph is given, state the value of each quantity, if it exists. rf it does nor exist, explain why. a.) lims*s- h(r) = 7 b.) limr-s+ h(x) = + 5 c.) lim,-a h(x)= )NE d.) h(o) = L e.) limr.,2- h(x) = f.) limr-2+ h(x) = g.) limr-2 h.) h(2F - | i.) Iimr--2 h(x)= j.) limr- s - -l C DNE +oc f0c -r-
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samplemidterm1sol2A - M ath 2 A S ample idterm I M...

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