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Reading Guide: Adam and Eve and Vishnu: Syncretism in the Javanese Slametan Andrew Beatty 1) Explain the ritual of Slametan, and its importance to Javanese culture. When is a Slametan held and why? What religion is the Slametan supposed to be a part of? 2) What is the religious practice of a Santri? What are the religious practices of the Abangan? What are religious practices of the Priyayi? What is a Kejawen? How are the Kejawen different from the Santri? 3) What is the significance of Adam, Eve and Vishnu in the Slametan and how do they reflect syncretism in the Slametan ritual?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) In the Slametan ritual, red and white porridge is served. What various items do these porridges represent in the ritual? Which religions are actually being represented in the Slametan ritual? 5) How is the name Mohammed used to represent differing concepts in the Slametan ritual? For the mystics, what does the name of Mohammed represent? 6) What is the rukun, and why it is significant to the Slametan ritual? 7) Describe both the social and symbolic aspects of the Slametan. 8) Explain how the ritual of the Slametan reflects and/or is an example of syncretism....
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