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Reading Guide: The Syncretism of Religions in Southeast Asia, Especially in the Khmer Empire Lawrence Palmer Briggs 1) According to the reading, what are two of the main syncretizations that occurred during the Khmer empire that greatly affected its religious history? Describe them both. 2) Sivaism and Vishnuism promoted the worship of which Hindu gods? What is the Harihara and what significance does it have with these two gods? 3) In Java the king was associated with which god? 4) Who was Jayavarman II and where did he rule? What is a "devaraja?" What god is he related too? 5) Who was Sankara and what religion did he fight against in India? 6) Which deities, besides Shiva, did the Cambodian kings worship and dedicate
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Unformatted text preview: temples to? 7) Which religion did Jayavarman VII promote in Angkor (Cambodia). 8) What is the role of a Boddhisattva and which religious tradition are they related to? 9) Why is Jayavarman VII important in the religious history of Southeast Asia, and what were two of his greatest architectural legacies during his reign? Explain the significance of these legacies. 10) Architectural designs often mentioned as a manifestation of that period’s religious beliefs. How was the Bayon and the many statues of the Buddha and boddhisattvas related to King Jayavarman VII? 11) What kind of unusual syncretic religious cult emerged in Java? How was the Javanese king connected to this cult and its deity?...
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