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Fein+reading+guide - Who provided Suharto with"death...

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Reading Guide:  Revolutionary and Anti-Revolutionary Genocides: A Comparison of State  Murders Helen Fein 1) What are “ideological genocides”, and how can this concept be applied to  the political situation that occurred in Indonesia and Cambodia?   In which  of these  two nations was a genocide perpetrated by a "right wing"  government?  In which of these two countries was a genocide perpetrated  by a "leftist" government? 2) What was the role of the “patron-state” (ie: US and China) in the execution  of genocide in Indonesia and Cambodia? In other words, how was the US  and China involved in these two genocides that happened in Southeast  Asia. How was this important to the rise and/or fall of Sukarno/Suharto in  Indonesia and Prince Sihanouk/Khmer Rouge in Cambodia? 3) What was the "Year of Living Dangerously" and who was General  Suharto?  Why did the CIA want General Suharto to overthrow Sukarno? 
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Unformatted text preview: Who provided Suharto with "death lists?" 4) Who was Lon Nol? Who did Lon Nol overthrow? Who were the Khmer Rouge? How did American assistance to Lon Nol ultimately help the Khmer Rouge? 5) Explain Fein’s definition of “genocide” and the four characteristics she ascribes to it. What are some examples we can draw on from lecture and the readings for each of these characteristics? 6) Legitimacy of rule has been a recurring theme throughout the class. What were some of the factors that contributed to and/or took away from the legitimacy of the Khmer Rouge (Cambodia) and General Suharto (Indonesia) regimes? 7) How was genocide used as a political tool? What purpose did it serve for the existing regime? Was it successful in terms of legitimizing authority?...
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Fein+reading+guide - Who provided Suharto with"death...

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