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Reading Guide:  Read all about it: the press and the rise of national consciousness in early 20 th  century Dutch East Indies Society James Hagen 1) What is Benedict Anderson’s basic argument about the use of print media  and the production of "imagined" community? What two things were  changed as a result of print, and how is this related to national discourse?  2)  In what sense was Anderson claiming that national identity is  "imaginary?"  How did the creation of mass print media help to create  national identity? 3) The author, Hagen,  lists three main changes to Dutch colonial policy;  what were they? Why was this important, and how were these changes  important to the larger context of community and nationalism in the Dutch  East Indies?  4) How did newspapers change people’s perceptions of time and space? 
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Unformatted text preview: How does this link to creating and/or imagining communities, and to a larger sense of nationalism or nationalist identity? 5) The author talks about how newspapers allowed the unfamiliar to become familiar (see page 112); what does he mean by this? 6) What are some of the strategies used by newspapers to represent events? How does this contribute to the shift in perception of time and space by the readers? And how does this establish the legitimacy of the newspapers? 7) How is the idea of otherness and exclusion integral to the construction or imagining of communities? 8) What are three critiques the author (Hagen) makes of Andersons argument about print newspapers and the construction of community and national identity?...
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Hagen+reading+guide - How does this link to creating and/or...

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