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Reading Guide: Education, Gender and Generational Conflict among Khmer Refugees Nancy Smith-Hefner 1) What is the cultural-mismatch perspective? What is the ecological perspective ? What are some examples from the reading that can demonstrate both these concepts? Does Smith-Hefner believe that only one of these perspectives is useful when studying immigrant education? 2) According to Smith-Hefner, do Southeast Asian immigrants fit the stereotype of the "model minority?" Why or why not? 3) In what ways do traditional gender roles of Cambodia affect the educational achievement of Khmer girls in the US? That is, how are the contradictions in the way parents speak about the value of education, and the way they practice gender roles contributing to higher dropout rates? 4) Where does Smith-Hefner conduct her research? When did Cambodian immigrants settle in that area? What "wave" of immigration were these refugees said to be a part of? 5) What are some of the reasons she claims that Khmer teenage girls are
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Smith+Hefner+reading+guide - Reading Guide: Education,...

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