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Reading Guide: Making Empire Respectable: The Politics of Race and Sexual Morality in 20 th -Century Colonical Cultures Ann Stoler 1) What is concubinage, why was it started and what role did it play in colonialism? 2) How and why did the practice of concubinage shift from being condoned in the beginning to later being condemned? 3) How was concubinage tied to the idea of racial and cultural superiority? 4) One of the biggest problems the colonialists had to deal with were mixed race children as a result of metissage. What colonial fears did these children reflect (think in terms of racial purity, morality)? 5) What fears did colonial men have about the ‘native’ men and European women? Describe three methods that colonizers imposed on ‘native’ populations to ensure
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Unformatted text preview: the ‘white’ control to protect the women. 6) In the article, ‘respectability’ is a way for colonialists to construct and define boundaries between the colonizers and the colonized through ‘good colonial living’. Explain what this means, and the role European women played in this construction. 7) What role did European women play in ensuring the health and productivity of the men? What importance did this have in terms of ensuring ‘racial purity’? 8) Towards the end of the article, Stoler describes European women as ‘instruments of race-culture’. Explain this link between race and culture....
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