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Homework7 - L = a n b m a n m n ≥,m ≥ 1(b[9.1.8 L = ww...

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Homework 7 CS 321 Due Date: 12/3/10, 2 PM Note: The homeworks should be your own work. You can discuss the homeworks orally with your peers, however. You should not use any web sources for this assignment. Please see the TA and the instructor during the office hours to get more help. ¡b¿ Important: ¡/b¿ It is important to summarize how the Turing Machines work in English comments because otherwise it is difficult to understand them. It is a good idea to start with an algorithm description in English. 1. Construct a Turing Machine (TM) that will accept the following languages.
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Unformatted text preview: L = a n b m a n + m : n ≥ ,m ≥ 1 (b) [9.1.8] L = { ww : w ∈ { a,b } + } . 2. [9.1.11(b)] Construct a Turing Machine (TM) that computes the following function where x and y are represented in unary. f ( x,y ) = x-y if x > y and 0 otherwise. 3. Based on [9.2.3.d] Give pseudocode for a Turing machine that computes f ( n ) = n !, where n is represented in unary. 4. Show that the following two problems on Turing Machines are undecidable. (a) [12.2.2.(a)] L ( M ) contains any string of length five. (b) [12.2.2.(b)] L ( M ) is regular. 1...
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