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Question Possible Answers Your Answer Correct Answer Frequent-flyer programs are an example of financial incentives to customers in exchange for their continuing patronage. After flying a certain number of miles or flying a specified number of times, the frequent-flyer program participant earns a free flight or some other award such as free lodging. Airlines that use frequent-flyer programs are practicing: A) commitment selling B) transaction marketing C) transformational marketing D) marketing engineering E) relationship marketing E E Many companies are jazzing up plant tours and making store visits more exciting to increase customer loyalty. For example, at the Crayola Factory, kids watch how crayons are made and then play with their favorite colors in a 20,000 square-foot discovery center. Employees circulate to ensure visitors have a wonderful time. _____ plays a key roll in Crayola u   implementation of the marketing concept. A) Customer-oriented personnel B) A sales orientation C) A societal marketing orientation D) Reciprocal exchange E) Customer outreach A A A business is concerned with many day-to-day activities. Some of the most important of these activities are the planning and development of a product, its pricing policy, and the distribution strategy. These activities are all a part of: A) a control system B) marketing C) accounting D) production E) human resources B B _____ is a set of activities used to implement a management orientation that stresses customer satisfaction. A) Planning strategy B) Customer management C) Marketing D) A control system E) Reciprocity C C The American Marketing Association's definition of marketing: A) is limited to promotional activities B) focuses on the value of empowerment, teamwork, and customer value C) shows how marketing benefits the marketer D) relies on the synergy created by exchange E) includes the processes marketers used to establish and maintain relationships with customers E E Researchers at PPG Industries spent considerable time, effort, and money developing a bluish windshield that would let in filtered sunlight but block out the heat. Little market research was done, but the scientists were convinced this new product would be significantly better than existing windshields even though it was more expensive and of a different color than the current models on the market. This scenario suggests PPG most likely has a(n) _____ orientation. A) exchange B) production C) sales D) promotion E) customer B B A town of 50,000 has two maternity hospitals. A billboard for one of the hospitals reads, u e have the most modern delivery rooms, and indicates a _____ orientation. A billboard for the other hospital reads, u e love babies, and indicates a _____ orientation. A) sales; production
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CH1_Question - Question Frequent-flyer programs are an...

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