CH2_Question - In 2004 Giorgio Armani the Italian fashion...

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Unformatted text preview: In 2004, Giorgio Armani, the Italian fashion group, announced plans to launch a $1 billion international luxury hotel chain containing ten hotels and four resorts before the end of 2015. This _____ will take advantage of an international trend toward luxury lifestyle consumerism and allow the company to achieve its growth objectives. A) tactical objectifying B) contingency plan C) strategic planning D) marketing implementation E) horizon planning A C Skoda is a carmaker in the Czech Republic. The auto manufacturer is launching a marketing drive designed to ultimately sell one million Skoda vehicles a year. It has identified the main growth markets for automobiles as China, Russia, and India and has plans to build production plants in each of those countries. Skoda's _____ will be well into the implementation stage when the plant in Shanghai starts producing cars in 2007. A) tactical objectifying B) contingency plan C) strategic planning D) market integration E) horizon planning A C Which of the following statements about a marketing plan is true? A) Marketing plans can exist as oral traditions. B) The marketing plan should be viewed as a series of sequential steps. C) All marketing plans have basically the same content. D) A marketing plan is created so an organization can meet its marketing objectives. E) All of the statements about a marketing plan are true. A D Thermo Electron Corporation, the biggest maker of measurement instruments for medical laboratories, agreed to buy the radiation- monitoring products unit of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain for $30 million to gain European customers. Saint-Gobain (of France) is Europe's number one distributor of building materials, and its radiation monitoring unit did not support the company's mission statement. This means that: A) Thermo Electron does not have a mission statement B) the radiation monitoring unit was a cash cow C) Saint-Gobain's mission dealt with providing building materials to its customers, not radiation measuring equipment D) Thermo Electron's mission statement was incomplete E) Saint-Gobain's mission statement was too broad A C Copan Italia is a distributor of laboratory products and manufacturer of laboratory commodities, including transfer pipettes and flexible hematology cups used on a variety of automatic instruments to count blood corpuscle elements. Copan's _____ says that the company n business is to continually work to improve the quality of the collection and preservation of the microbiological sample in the n re-analytical phase, as the demand for better protection of the specimen is growing day by day. A) market synergy B) product entropy C) marketing mix strategy D) mission statement E) qualified objective A D The acronym SBU refers to: A) stock in business units B) strategic business unit C) standard business utilization D) strategic barter units E) samples by units A B Tyler Dunoki works for Star Creek, a new start-up Australian wine producing company....
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CH2_Question - In 2004 Giorgio Armani the Italian fashion...

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