CH3_Question - Sometimes the Federal Trade Commission(FTC...

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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will require an advertiser to include in its advertisements additional information about the products being promoted. This is to clarify past statements the FTC believes were misleading or unfairly presented to consumers. This practice is called: A) nonfinancial restitution B) affirmative disclosure C) a mandated promotion D) corrective advertising E) a decree of consensus A D In the future, electrical power may come from quantum nucleonics, a form of nuclear power that produces no residual radiation. The ability to use this form of power will require equipment adaptations, but it will solve the world's need for clean and efficient power. Companies that replace inefficient sources of power with quantum nucleonics only after they are required to by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are operating at a(n) _____ responsibility level. A) legal B) philanthropic C) ethical D) economic E) cultural A A Which of the following statements about the creation of a code of ethics is true? A) A written code helps employees avoid confusion when determining whether their decisions are ethical. B) A code can be an effective internal control on behavior. C) The process of formulating the code facilitates discussions that ultimately create better decisions. D) A code helps employees identify what their firm recognizes to be acceptable business practices. E) All of the statements about the creation of a code of ethics are true. A E Which of the following statements describes ethics? A) Ethics are the moral principles or values that generally govern the conduct of an individual. B) Ethics is the standard of behavior by which conduct is judged. C) Morals are a foundation for ethical behavior. D) Ethical values are situation specific and time oriented. E) All of the statements describe ethics. A E Novartis created the Novartis Research Institute for Tropical Diseases in Singapore. The institute is unique because it is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on the discovery of new drugs for the treatment of neglected diseases, such as dengue fever and tuberculosis. Not only is this good business, it is also: A) mandated by Supreme Court rulings B) socially responsible C) unrelated to any ethical motivation D) demonstrating a lack of concern for diversity E) environmental marketing A B Which of the following statements best describes the typical target market? A) A target market will remain stable over time, with the same group of consumers. B) Target markets change over time as consumers drop in or out of the market, and as tastes change. C) Target markets are not strongly affected by changes in the external environment....
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CH3_Question - Sometimes the Federal Trade Commission(FTC...

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