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The Czech Republic began producing pilsner beer in 1846 and is proud of its brewing heritage. To further its global marketing strategy, Nomura Securities, a Japanese investment company, purchased the two largest breweries in the nation. This is an example of: A) a joint venture B) direct investment C) licensing D) contract manufacturing E) agent manufacturing A B Many people fear world trade because it: A) will inevitably lead to inflation B) will cause living standards to increase at a slower rate C) causes some people to lose their jobs as production shifts abroad D) has brought entire nations out of poverty E) has increased per capita income for some countries A C Which of the following describes a common criticism of multinational companies? A) the transference of the wrong kind of technology to a developing nation B) excessive employment information C) countertrading D) the transference of labor- intensive technology E) dumping A A A business thinking of expanding into global markets needs to examine all of the following external environments EXCEPT: A) culture B) political structure and actions C) its marketing mix D) natural resources E) demographic makeup A C Caterpillar, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of earth- moving and construction equipment. Kirovsky is a large Russian manufacturer of the same type of products. The two companies entered into a(n) _____ and created NEVAMASH, a new company. A) import/export partnership B) countertrade C) disintermediation agreement D) joint venture E) franchise A D U.S. wine producers only export about 14 percent of their total annual production of wine. They would like to sell more to overseas markets, but do not want to tailor their wines to consumers' palates. For example, Californian wines are typically heartier and richer than Europeans like to drink. U.S. wine producers need to adopt a _____ strategy if they hope to reach more of the global market. A) product substitution B) market differentiation C) message adaptation D) product invention E) product adaptation A E The role of a domestic company that sells to an export merchant (also called a buyer for export) is to: A) guide the marketing actions of the merchant as the goods are sold in foreign countries B) pay all transportation, warehousing, and marketing expenses C) sell the product to that merchant who resells the product in the foreign country without the aid or input of the original manufacturer A C
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D) broker a partnership agreement such as a joint venture E) dictate conditions of sale in foreign countries _____ is a legal process whereby a firm agrees to let another firm use its manufacturing process, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or other proprietary knowledge in return for a fee or royalty. A)
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CH4_Question - Question Frequent-flyer programs are an...

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