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Which of the following statements about reference groups is true? A) Reference groups stimulate, but do not constrain, consumption behavior. B) Reference groups have strong influence on all brands and product purchases. C) A person can only belong to one reference group. D) Reference groups serve as information sources and influence perceptions. E) All of the statements about reference groups are true. A D Because her mother only went to the supermarket once a month, this is how Moniq prefers to do her grocery shopping. One of the reasons Moniq is such an efficient shopper is that, like her mother, Moniq believes, "Waste not, want not." The passing down of norms and values to Moniq is an example of: A) consumerism B) the socialization process C) acculturation D) the roles opinion leaders play in business decision making E) the role of society in consumer decision making A B _____ is characterized by low involvement, a short time frame, an internal- only information search, and low costs. A) Limited decision making B) Routine response behavior C) Emotional buying D) Intensive decision making E) Temporally-limited behavior A B To develop a promotional campaign for vocational education to target working-class consumers, which of the following alternatives might you employ? A) a campaign that shows family and community members participating in vocational classes to improve their lives B) a campaign emphasizing that those who participate in vocational classes will look better to others C) a campaign showing how much participation in vocational classes will improve society as a whole D) a campaign showing participants in the vocational classes with the time and money to vacation in far away and exotic places E) a campaign appealing to self- actualization needs A A Hector loves cola and is always on a diet. He will only drink Diet Coke. When offered a Diet Pepsi one afternoon as an alternative, he refused to even consider it as part of his evoked set even though he generally drinks a soft drink about the time of day the offer was made. This illustrates that Hector: A) is satisfying a want B) is satisfying a need C) is satisfying a belief D) has a physiological drive E) has a need motivator A A For which of the following products is the purchaser most likely to rely on an external information source? A) a toothbrush B) a copy of People magazine C) a Big Mac D) a new prescription E) a box of tissues A D Pregnant Niceae has been shopping for a baby crib. She has visited several sites on the Internet that provide information about cribs and has consulted a book on how to keep her baby safe by a consumer group. Niceae has also asked several new mothers for recommendations. In her decision-making process, Niceae has been using: A) marketing-controlled information sources B) demographic information sources C) nonmarketing-controlled information sources D) secondary data sources E) internal search sources A C Melyssa has been given a horse and needs to buy a new Western saddle. She
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CH5_Question - Which of the following statements about...

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