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_____ occurs when a bakery decides to buy its office supplies from a company that regularly buys muffins and pastries for its employees. A) Reciprocity B) Joint demand C) Elastic demand D) Derived demand E) Bidding conformity A A Claas is Europe largest manufacturer of combine harvesters. Its marketing manager discovered a prospect for his company product in Russia by looking for large farm owners from the former Soviet Union where its products had not been sold. Which of the following questions would be the LEAST important to answer prior to visiting the farm owner? A) What are the buying objectives of the farm owner? B) Who are the major people involved in making the decision within the farm? C) What kind of reciprocity will be demanded by the farm owner? D) At what stage of the buying decision process is the farm owner? E) What role does each employee play in the farm's buying center? A C Personal selling is pervasive in organizational markets because: A) most of the situations involve fairly low cost items B) there are few avenues for effective advertising of organizational goods C) organizational salespeople seldom speak the language of their customers D) it is the most inexpensive method of promotion E) many organizational products are complex and require expertise on the salesperson's part A E A product is defined as a business product rather than consumer good on the basis of its: A) intended use B) physical characteristics C) price D) distribution method E) tangible attributes A A Business marketing does NOT include goods and services that: A) become part of another product B) are used to manufacture other products C) are used for personal consumption D) facilitate the normal operations of an organization E) are acquired for resale A C Which type of customer do business marketers NOT serve? A) institutions and nonprofits B) producers C) resellers and wholesalers D) governments E) private consumers A E Which of the following is NOT a benefit businesses experience from buying and selling their goods and services on the Internet? A) access to around-the-clock ordering B) elimination of the need for distributors C) a greater selection of products and vendors D) lower prices due to increased competition E) the ability to buy products customized to their needs A B Sometimes a _____ is created for the purpose of sharing resources. This was why the Donnelly Corporation, a company that designs, manufactures, and markets automotive parts, joined with Applied Films Laboratory, Inc. to manufacture and supply the world market with display coated glass for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). A) shared capital contract B) global partner development strategy C) strategic alliance D) cobranding effort E) market cooperative A C Kinko Service Corporation of Ventura (copy centers) and Xerox Engineering Systems have worked together to establish a nationwide network for faxing large-format documents. In other words, the two companies have joined in a: A) retail cooperative
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CH6_Question - occurs when a bakery decides to buy its...

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