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Mel and Mimi is the name of an upscale boutique that has outgrown the building it has been located in for the last two decades. Its owners want to know how its customers will react to a move and if the addition of new product lines will make the new location more attractive to its loyal customers. The store's owners have surveyed several of their customers to gauge their reaction to various potential locations and changes in product lines. The survey results are an example of _____ data. A) primary B) secondary C) dichotomous D) observation E) collaborative A A As the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) planned its first marketing research project, its marketing director recommended it use primary data because: A) this is information that is available free to all interested parties B) their value is unrelated to sample size C) they will fit the USACA e information needs exactly since they will be collected specifically for this study D) they can be collected quickly and at a low cost E) they will benchmark consumers interest in the sport of cricket A C _____ collect data on two different projects using one questionnaire. A) Piggyback studies B) Single-source studies C) Siamese twin projects D) Dichotomous inquiries E) Experiential data A A Mystery shoppers engage in a form of: A) mall intercept study B) experiential study C) marketing audit D) observation research E) market audit A D Colgate-Palmolive used _____ research to watch consumers in their homes brushing their teeth. The research provided interesting information on the state of toothbrushes and brushing habits. A) experiment B) dichotomous C) ethnographic D) survey E) open-ended A C A Colorado-based research company was hired to determine the emotional drivers behind lipstick use. (The results were to be used to create new products.) It conducted a study of 40 women living throughout the United States and ranging in age from 19 to 55. Researchers spent 12 to 15 hours with each subject in an attempt to use _____ research to discover what's working in their lives, what isn't, where they want to be, what they want to do, and what they might want or need in order to live a full life. A) experimental B) dichotomous C) ethnographic D) survey E) open-ended A C C&S Manufacturing Company makes gift wrapping paper and ribbons. It wants to add 15 square feet to its most popular rolls of wrapping paper and keep the price of each roll at $4.95. C&S Manufacturing wonders if the additional paper footage would increase sales enough to offset the higher costs. What type of primary data research should the company use to answer this question? A) focus-group interviews in a laboratory setting B) telephone interviews with current and potential customers C) observation research D) experimental research E) mail surveys with current distributors A D The two types of online focus groups are: A) field and laboratory B) diagnostic and predictive C) real-time and time-extended D) primary and secondary
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CH8_Question - Mel and Mimi is the name of an upscale...

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