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The phase of the product life cycle in which healthy profits usually begin to appear is the _____ stage. A) growth B) decline C) introductory D) maturity E) commercialization A A Which of the following products is most likely to be in the decline stage of its product life cycle? A) cookie mixes B) wireless mobile phones C) programmable CD-ROMs D) funeral caskets E) prerecorded audiocassette tapes A E Marketers consider all of the following examples of new products EXCEPT: A) a 2007 model year GE oven with the same style, parts, and color as the 2006 model B) the addition of a management consultant service to a company that once specialized in investment management C) a new design for Reach brand toothbrushes   brand ice cream E) the development of a less-painful procedure for the treatment of varicose veins A A Oakley, a manufacturer of protective eyewear for various kinds of sports, has introduced sunglasses that play music. The glasses weigh a little over a pound and can hold up to 120 songs. These sunglasses would be an example of a(n): A) repositioning strategy B) new product line C) addition to an existing product line D) discontinuous innovation E) revision to existing products A C For years, the Lacoste brand of clothing has targeted 40-something male consumers. Today, through its implementation of a _____ strategy, it targets both male and female fashion-conscious consumers in their 20s with everything from moon boots to shearling coats. A) discontinuous innovation B) niche C) new-product-line D) retargeting E) repositioning A E When General Mills changed the formula for its Oatmeal Crisp cereal, it added ingredients to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, to lower cholesterol, and to reduce the risk of stroke, thus providing greater value to the consumer. Since it was not trying to reach a new target market, General Mills was using which new product strategy? A) improved product B) addition to an existing product line C) discontinuous innovation D) repositioned product E) new product line A A A manufacturer of office furnishings is finding it difficult to compete with cheaper imported merchandise. Which of the following is a potential source of new-product ideas that would allow it to compete more effectively? A) current retailers who carry the manufacturer's equipment B) its foreign competitors C) the company's employees D) customers who have requested its catalogs E) all of these A E Many years ago, Athens, Greece, was viewed as a necessary part of any tour of Europe. Then the city developed an image of a smoggy city choked with traffic. During the _____ stage of its attempt to reposition Athens as a culture-filled destination for conventions, the Greek government realized package tour operators (a source of much of the tourist traffic in Greece) were unimpressed by the proposal to paint the facades of the buildings in Athens and to plant 100s of trees and bushes. A) screening and concept testing
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CH10_Question - The phase of the product life cycle in...

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