CH11_Question - Aristide and Oana are considering attending...

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Unformatted text preview: Aristide and Oana are considering attending a clinic to help them quit smoking. They will be better able to assess the _____ of the clinic after they attend the clinic and learn about the techniques it uses to help customers quit smoking. A) tangible attribute B) experience quality C) creative quality D) credence quality E) heterogeneity feature A B It is difficult to achieve consistency and standardization of services because of which service characteristic? A) customization B) simultaneous production and consumption C) intangibility D) perishability E) heterogeneity A E Which of the following is NOT a method firms can use to reduce the inherent variability of services? A) standardized preparation procedures B) mechanizing the process C) standardization D) providing tangible cues E) training of employees in performance standards A D When services for those in relatively poor economic situations are largely paid for by those who are in better financial situations, it is known as: A) nonfinancial pricing B) the Robin Hood principle C) indirect payment D) separation between payers and users E) indirect distribution A D A service cannot be touched, seen, tasted, heard, or felt in the same manner in which goods can be sensed and, therefore, is referred to as: A) impervious B) extraneous C) synergistic D) perishable E) intangible A E Obeah used to sell office furniture and supplies, but he now has semi-retired and started a cleaning service specializing in cleaning fire- and water-damaged structures. Selling cleaning services differs greatly from selling office furniture and supplies because cleaning services are: A) homogeneous B) unknowable C) intangible D) synergistic E) comestible A C Courtney's mother died of breast cancer, and she is afraid of getting cancer. When she went to get a baseline mammogram, she wanted a facility where the personnel would not think her fears were silly and would answer all of her questions without making her feel stupid for asking them. By which of the following components of service quality is Courtney most likely to rate the mammogram provider? A) empathy B) assurance C) tangibles D) reliability E) responsiveness A A Budget airlines are a new service in China. Neither their passengers nor the airlines themselves know what to expect from each other. Shanghai-based Spring Airlines is a start-up service with a tight budget. According to the owner of Spring Airlines, customer satisfaction levels are at 97 percent although many of Spring Airlines' employees have been throttled and had their clothes ripped off by unhappy passengers. According to the _____, there is a gap between what customers want and what management thinks customers want....
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CH11_Question - Aristide and Oana are considering attending...

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