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Unformatted text preview: Question Possible Answers Your Answer Correct Answer Horizontal channel conflict occurs most often when manufacturers practice: A) multiple distribution B) trade loading C) value-added pricing D) exclusive distribution A A The Discovery Channel joined with the BBC to send an expedition of top scientists to explore a seabed site off Indonesia. Because these two cable networks compete for viewership, there is a potential for _____ as a result of this project. A) horizontal conflict B) trade loading C) value-added pricing D) exclusive distribution A A Peachtree Windows has no windows in inventory waiting for someone to order them. It does not make a window until it is ordered. It is able to make 27,000 different window configurations and will make special adjustments to these configurations if there is a request for modifications as long as the modifications meet the company's exacting safety requirements. Peachtree Window engages in: A) niche marketing B) product development C) mass customization D) marketing aggregation A C _____ means that raw materials arrive at the assembly line in guaranteed working order, and finished products are generally shipped to the customer immediately after completion. It reduces inventory levels and delivers the product as it is needed in the store. A) Just-in-time manufacturing B) Electronic data interchange C) Intermodal manufacturing D) Value-added channelization A A Another name for just-in-time production (JIT) is: A) supply/demand reciprocity B) lean production C) outsourcing D) mass customization A B Girls can log onto and design their own special Barbie doll. They can choose the doll's skin tone, hair color, clothes, accessories, and name. The doll is created to the new owner's specifications and mailed to her by Mattel. With this doll, Mattel is using: A) market aggregation B) customer accumulation C) niche marketing D) mass customization A D Canesta Company has developed a virtual keyboard out of light to be used with cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The product beams an image of a keyboard on a desk, allowing the user to type on the image. The words are picked up by the user's digital device. When introduced to the market, the device will sell for less than $50. If, in choosing its channel, Canesta is most concerned about supplying the number of consumers who have expressed interest in such a device, then its choice of channels will largely be influenced by: A) exclusivity agreements B) market factors C) possession factors D) product factors A B _____ distribution is achieved by screening dealers to eliminate all but a few in any single geographic area. Shopping goods and some specialty products that consumers are willing to search for are sold this way....
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CH12_Question - Question Possible Answers Your Answer...

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