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Laura buys supplies for her catering business at a retailer that stocks a limited selection of items, which are sold in bulk on a cash-and-carry basis to members only. As she browses through a huge store, she buys flour, a set of muffin pans, and a package of paper towels as well as an assortment of fresh produce. Laura is most likely shopping at a(n): A) off-price discount retailer B) factory outlet C) industrial supply warehouse D) warehouse membership club E) wholesale outlet A D A _____ is an off-price retailer that is owned and operated by a manufacturer and carries one line of merchandise--its own. A) mass merchandiser B) factory outlet C) wholesale club D) discount store E) bargain basement store A B Well-known manufacturers such as Nike, Liz Claiborne, and Mikasa have decided the most profitable way to dispose of out-of-season and irregular stock is to open stores and sell their own merchandise. These stores are types of: A) seasonal outlets B) mass merchandisers C) factory outlets D) discount stores E) bargain basements A C _____ refers to shopping without visiting a store and is currently growing faster than in-store shopping because of the consumer demand for convenience. A) Nonstore retailing B) Customerization C) Hypershopping D) Niche marketing E) Specialty merchandising A A Which of the following statements about nonstore retailing is true? A) The nature of the communications between the retailer and the customer is the same in all forms of nonstore retailing. B) Nonstore retailing is currently growing faster than in-store retailing. C) More than 80 percent of all sales are made through nonstore retailing. D) The high growth rate for nonstore retailing is due to the growth of TV home shopping. E) Nonstore retailing is increasing at a rate lower than in-store retailing. A B Which of the following statements about online retailing is true? A) Online retailing is also called e-merchandising. B) After a rapid increase in sales, the popularity of online retailing has declined over the last decade. C) Most traditional retailers are using online retailing to move merchandise that can be purchased at their stores. D) The earliest use of online retailing was for Internet auctions. E) All of these statements about online retailing are true. A C A retailer in Peoria, Illinois, is licensed to sell Snapper lawn mowers. This retailer is a: A) product and trade name franchisee B) redistributor franchisor C) business format franchisee D) licensed franchisor E) relationship franchisee A A Interactivity is one of the new developments in retailing. In retailing, interactivity refers to: A) the use of improved communications with customers B) a new form of customer relationship marketing C) entertainment for customers to get them involved A C
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D) the use of information kiosks E) the creation of a static atmosphere One of the new developments in retailing is m-commerce. M-commerce refers to the ability to: A) use unique communication techniques to send advertising
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CH13_Question - Laura buys supplies for her catering...

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