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The receiver's response to a message is _____ to the source. A) decoded B) noise C) feedback D) channeled E) static filled A C When Becca saw the ad suggesting Subway sandwiches as a dinner meal, she was offended by the spokesperson and wondered why anyone would want to do business with a company that thought being obnoxious was a good business practice. In terms of the communication process, Becca: A) correctly encoded the message B) created a longer than normal communication channel C) improperly decoded the message D) had no feedback E) improperly encoded the message A C Which of the following statements about the characteristics of the elements in the promotional mix is true? A) Control over message content is greatest when public relations is used. B) A large audience is best reached with personal selling. C) The fastest feedback occurs with personal selling. D) The mode of communication for sales promotion is usually direct and personal. E) The message flow with advertising is two-way. A C GM is using blogging to communicate with customers online. GM's vice chairman Bob Lutz—an auto industry veteran and the company's director of product development—began a blog about the company in 2005. Once readers realized it really was Lutz and not an advertising ploy, they quickly warmed to the idea and appreciated his candid comments about GM and its competition. This is an example of: A) a corporate blog B) an interactive Web site C) narrowcasting D) a noncorporate blog E) a market concentration strategy A A In 2006, the NBC television network used advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion to communicate with its target audience about its new show Kidnapped. The television network’s _____ described its plan on how to use these tools most effectively. A) mass communication mix B) promotional strategy C) selling plan D) marketing mix E) strategic goals A B Which of the following statements about sales promotions is true? A) Public relations cannot effectively be used with sales promotions. B) Sales promotion is a type of direct marketing. C) Marketers view sales promotions as more effective when they are created as long-term stimulation tools. D) Trade shows, coupons, premiums, and vacation giveaways are types of sales promotions. E) All sales promotions must be aimed outside the organization. A D During the summer of 2006, Volvo Cars of North America drove traffic to its dealerships via a sweepstakes tied to Walt Disney's summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. This was an example of: A) a sales promotion B) publicity C) advertising D) implicit communications E) a personal sales presentation A A The AIDA concept: A) proves promotional effectiveness is an insignificant abstract term B) demonstrates that buyers go through nine stages on the way to making a decision C) is a model effectively showing that advertising can move people to the purchase stage D) is a model for reaching promotional objectives that outlines a sequential process for effective promotion A D
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CH14_Question - The receiver's response to a message is to...

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