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CH16_Question - Which of the following is NOT an example of...

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Which of the following is NOT an example of a trade sales promotion? A) push money and training B) business meetings and conventions C) premiums and coupons D) free merchandise and store demonstrations E) trade shows A C Broyhill is offering the sales force at Meers Furniture Emporium a $50 reward for each Broyhill Pleasant Isle Living Room Collection sold in the next 30 days. What type of trade sales promotion is the $50? A) a trade allowance B) push money C) a selling deal D) premium payment E) a direct commission A B Maureen Kye is a sales associate at a store that sells new and used CDs and DVDs. Recently, she was given a DVD containing scenes not in the theater-released Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest to encourage her to suggest that customers buy this movie. The CD is an example of: A) the use of a pull strategy B) a trade sales promotion C) a trade allowance D) an intermediary rebate E) a free consumer sales promotion A B Sales promotion: A) is a publicity tool B) is only directed to the ultimate consumer market C) is more difficult to measure than advertising D) offers a short-term incentive to buy E) expenditures have been decreasing in recent years A D Which of the following would NOT be a target for a trade sales promotion offered by Rubbermaid, a manufacturer of storage and organization products? A) a store that is called The Container Store B) a kitchen department in a large discount store C) a wholesaler of plastic storage bins D) a Rubbermaid distributor E) a consumer who needs to organize her college dorm room A E Coupons, premiums, contests, free samples, and frequent buyer programs are examples of: A) personal selling B) trade sales promotion C) publicity D) advertising E) consumer sales promotion A E A _____ is a cash refund given to consumers for the purchase of a product during a specific time period. A) premium B) trade discount C) purchase allowance D) rebate E) functional allowance A D Why do some marketers offer rebates instead of price reductions to induce short- term sales? A) Rebates are especially good at enticing purchases, but most consumers never bother to redeem them. B) A price reduction of this type would likely be an example of price discrimination. C) Rebates offer a more immediate reward than price reductions. D) Rebates have a much higher redemption rate than coupons. E) Rebates result in brand-loyal consumers. A A When Rick purchased a Xerox color printer for his law office, he was able to mail in a proof-of-purchase and his cash register receipt to receive a check from Xerox for $200. Rick received a: A) premium B) trade allowance C) purchase allowance D) rebate A D
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E) functional discount When Darrell purchased a five-pound bag of 9 Lives cat food, he received a free can of the manufacturer's new gourmet cat food. The can of cat food is an example of a: A) product placement B) trade sample C) contest D) premium E) loyalty incentive A D Consumers can send away for a foam version of the Gear Giggle glasses sold in
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CH16_Question - Which of the following is NOT an example of...

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