quiz4 chapter 13-14

quiz4 chapter 13-14 - Quiz4 Ch13&14 Multiple Choice...

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Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. A(n) ____ is an action to which an OOP language program responds. a. macro c. object b. event d. tag ____ 2. ____ is a set of technologies by Sun Microsystems that allows programmers to develop and deploy Web services for an enterprise. a. JIT (Java Instruction Technology) b. JavaScript c. J2EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition) d. JavaBuilder ____ 3. Many programs use ____ or a similar language as their macro programming language. a. Report Program Generator (RPG) c. Wireless Markup Language (WML) b. Programming Language One (PL/I) d. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) ____ 4. A(n) ____ is a compiled program that runs on the client. a. script c. applet b. servlet d. image map ____ 5. Typically, Web pages created with DHTML are ____ to user interaction. a. less animated and responsive c. more animated but less responsive b. less animated but more responsive d. more animated and responsive ____ 6. ____ contain the formats for how a particular object should display in a Web browser. a. Cascading style sheets (CSS) c. Document object models (DOM) b. Report program generators (RPG) d. Common gateway interfaces (CGI) ____ 7. In sequence, the program development cycle consists of six steps: ____. a. validate design, test solution, design solution, implement design, analyze requirements, and document solution b. implement design, document solution, test solution, validate design, design solution, and analyze requirements c. analyze requirements, design solution, validate design, implement design, test solution, and document solution d. test solution, analyze requirements, document solution, implement design, validate design, and design solution
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____ 8. In structured design, a section of a program that performs a single function is a ____. a. main routine c. macro generator b. bug d. module ____ 9. A ____, of if-then-else, tells the program which action to take, based on a certain condition. a. sequence control structure c. repetition control structure b. selection control structure d. compliance control structure ____ 10. The ____ enables a program to perform one or more actions repeatedly as a loop as long as a certain condition is met. a.
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quiz4 chapter 13-14 - Quiz4 Ch13&14 Multiple Choice...

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