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Persuasive topics I am writing this memo to tell you my three possible topics for my persuasive paper. After much thought and consideration I have narrowed down my ideas to three topics that I think would be perfect for this persuasive paper. My first idea is to talk about the topic of emergency contraceptives. This is a very controversial idea that has many positive and negative ideas. There has been so many stories about teenage pregnancies. They are the girls who usually drop out of school to care of the children they did not really work and having to work a full time job to support their new family. As a society I believe we need to encourage teens to be more responsible and use birth control or another sort of contraceptive. What if there was a problem and you accidently get pregnant anyway? There are people that don’t believe in birth control or emergency contraceptives because they see it as an easy form of abortion. Mistakes happen and that is why we have emergency methods such as plan B in case
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