Aneroxia - ANOREXIA Denial is the worst part of any...

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ANOREXIA Denial is the worst part of any self-imposed disease. Anorexia is an eating disorder in which a person refuses to maintain a minimal body weight within 15% of a person’s normal body weight. (NAMI, 1). Anorexia is most common in adolescents before or after puberty, and young adults. However, there have been recent studies that anorexia is now more common in middle-aged women then it ever has been before. People become anorexic for many different reasons ranging from body image, to emotional issues, to societal pressure. Anorexia is a cry for help, and if not treated can be extremely harmful or fatal. One major cause of anorexia is involving major life transitions. According to Pale Reflections, “most eating-disorder patients have difficulty with change”(Love My Body, 1). Transitions may include family issues, social or romantic problems, failure in schools, and traumatic events. Each of these changes can be overwhelming for a pre-puberty girl to handle. For example, if a girl’s parents are extremely controlling, the girl will feel powerless and alone. Eating, however, is one aspect of her life that she controls and her parents cannot. Therefore, this girl will start to become obsessed with the power and she’ll almost become, “proud of her disease”(Love My Body, 2). Furthermore, social and romantic issues are a huge cause of anorexia. If a break up occurs, a girl will blame herself for being too fat and that is the soul reason for the break up. This is most commonly seen in middle-aged women as well as teenagers. Eat disorders are triggered because the person wants to be perfect and live up to high standards. Therefore they put all this pressure on themselves to be perfect and if they do not meet the high standards, they will starve themselves and become extremely shameful. Lastly, women who have
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undergone physical or sexual abuse are very prone to having eating disorders. (Love My Body, 2). Girls will try to lose weight so they lose their secondary sex characteristics including their breasts, and their menstrual cycle. Some types of food may trigger
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Aneroxia - ANOREXIA Denial is the worst part of any...

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