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Final review - 1. (Audience Analysis) Describe and discuss...

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1. (Audience Analysis) Describe and discuss the importance of analyzing your audience before writing and speaking. What factors should you know about your audience and why should you know them. How and why would you adjust your writing? They need an overview rather than a specific highly detailed examination Objective: inform your audience not persuade them Audience analyzing can affect the level of interaction, interest, and what they hope to gain For- in favor Against- disagreeing neutral 2. (APA Source Citations/ General) What are the criteria that you should use to evaluate your sources. Explain the different between a popular and scholarly article? Who wrote it - Academic institution - Well known? - expert? Where was it published When was it published - Latest journal or article Make sure its credible Scholarly articles are written be experts in the field usually describing original research. They ensure quality. Peer review journals- most credible Popular articles are not as edited (people, NY times. . periodical magazines) 3. (General- speech) Discuss some of the key aspects that make for a good speech. Be sure to move beyond simply listing important aspects. Instead explain why they are important. Relax- practice before Pace yourself- so class can hear you speak Emphasis- enhance the meaning of words and understand
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Volume and energy Eye contact Body language comfortable Facial expressions Organization - Logical flow Visual aid- help make more sense
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Final review - 1. (Audience Analysis) Describe and discuss...

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