paper2 - In general life is difficult enough for teenagers...

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In general, life is difficult enough for teenagers with education and friends and family to balance all at once; it is hard to find an intermediate. Sometimes teens might feel that the pain they inflict on themselves is the only thing they can control as their whole world is crashing and they just do not feel good enough. But when the adults neglect the cries for help and the friends just do not seem to understand, there is a feeling of meaninglessness that might not able to be filled with the life that is being led. A lot of the emotional issues anyone has could very well be explained by their childhood, if their parents loved them enough, if their family was considered functional, and if they themselves were happy with the life they live. Parents tend to not apprehend that everything they say and do and the looks they give can have a monumental effect on the emotional span of their child. “…parent-child relationships during childhood were found to predict offspring-reported suicide attempts during young adulthood” (U.T. Egle 1). Adults feel that they know everything just because they were teens at some point, but times have changed and things are more stressful. A person’s childhood is the deciding factor of a person ending their own lives in their more mature years. Sometimes a cry for help could be as straightforward as an unexplainable cut, or a sudden occurrence of anger for no known reason. There are and will continue to be many signs of depression and suicidal thoughts in adolescences, parents just need to care enough and take the right amount of control over their child’s actions. Parental over-control can be a cause of mental instability some adolescence tend to have, while parent under-control may make them feel unwanted and unenthusiastic to live a normal life. A child needs a parent to encourage them to be the best they can be and
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never give up; yet in “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather, young Paul was not only neglected by his widowed father but by the whole town just because they felt he was to some extent, different. “…and his father had called at the Principal’s office and confessed his
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paper2 - In general life is difficult enough for teenagers...

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