US&World Crisis

US&World Crisis - US & World Crisis Roots of...

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Roots of Isolationism Axis Powers --Italy, Germany, and Japan --Used force against other countries and citizens US content to be isolationists – Contributed to outbreak of WWII Tradition of Foreign Policy (Isolationism) --Don’t have political interest in Europe or Asia. US thought they were superior to Europe – created hostility. --No border countries with strong military powers. Reaction to WWI --By 1930’s, American wondered what had been accomplished in WWI. --Many felt America should not have gone to war and that it was a mistake made by the government. --Senate set up committee (Nye Committee) to examine the role of munitions factories. Nye committee held hearings that were widely publicized, drilled managers about sales methods. --Nye Committee conclusion was that US went to war because of munitions makers. Title given to munitions makers was “Merchants of Death.” Depression --Economic crisis that focused national attention on the problems going on at home rather than abroad. Weak Military
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US&World Crisis - US & World Crisis Roots of...

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