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HUEC 1000 Test 1 Notes Goal of Human Ecology is to improve the quality of life of family and individuals. All majors have the same goal -applied science curriculum - more specialized today. Subject matter on Human Development, Human Nutrition, Human Environments- Physical and Sociocultural. Applied Science take the info and synthesis it. Historical Information Components for a professional field- were established by researchers beginning in the 1950s. 1. Unique Purpose Home Economics Definition- written in 1902 at a Lake Placid Conference. (basically says)- laws, conditions, principles, and ideals which are concerned with mans immediate physical environment and with his nature as a social being and is the study specifically of the relation between these factors. Basically - physical being social being and then the relationship between the 2. 2 set of presuppositions choices that act as guidelines for consistent practices. -what we believe -things we take for granted -communicate these verbally with other people. Presuppositions of our founder -freedom is desirable. -man finds meaning in life through societal interrelationships. -man has a free will and can make choices based upon reasons: therefore, he is self-forming -Physical and social environment can be transformed through the action of man. -Family is a basic human institution that gives meaning to life. -Family is responsible as the caregiver of children.
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-A desirable family form is monogamic family (1 husband, 1 wife, 1 time) -Social change may or may not be good. -Societal institutions give meaning to life. -Society is dependent upon family. 2. Conceptual structure of knowledge (AKA Organized body of knowledge) -questions which a professional field wishes to address. -practical problems of home and family (super nanny) -responsibilities that home and family should never delegate. -the responsibility to bring children to maturity for they are future citizens. -the responsibility to educate the sense of beauty in people. -the responsibility to provide the moral education of family members. -the responsibility to foster rational sociability in family members. 3. mode of inquiry way to gain new info - applied sciences. - Research methods of: -survey -observation -laboratory/experiments Basic Beliefs -family fundamental unit -life-span approach to individuals and families -meet individuals and family needs -right to educational opportunities to max potiential -strong subject matter -use of diversity modes of inquiry The Professional takes leaders in… -improving individual, family, and community well being. -impacting development delivery and evaluation of consumer goods and see -influencing the development of policy. -shake societal change.
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HUEC All Notes - HUEC 1000 Test 1 Notes Goal of Human...

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