Quiz 2 - Day 1 to Swing

Quiz 2 - Day 1 to Swing - This is a harder quiz because it...

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This is a harder quiz because it covers a lot more information. You don’t need to know dates or be able to list 3 or 5 differences between two types of music (i.e. classical vs jazz), but you need to have an idea of it. The main things to know are the people and what instruments they play. Know definitions of random terms in here and also try and know a few things about the music groups the musicians played with. Covers: Some of the Opening presentation Reasons for growth Early origins through black bottom stomp Bix Beiderbecke Louis Armstrong Swing – basie through benny goodman Jazz – Art or Entertainment? 0. Entertainment - something that amuses, pleases, or diverts. 1. Art - the conscious production of human creativity; sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements found in a manner that affects the senses. Comparison of Jazz to Classical Elements Classical Jazz 0. Sound Standard Personal 1. Pitch Fixed Flexible 2. Modes Major/minor Blues 3. Social Concert Hall Night Clubs 0. From Europe -- musical form and harmony 1. From Africa -- rhythm and improvisation In conclusion 2. European Tradition - The player is an instrument through which somebody else’s music passes. 3. Jazz - The player expresses his/her own music. More room for individual expression. Little or no difference between composer & performer. ROOTS 4. Jazz is neither exclusively European nor African. It is an American art form. It is mainly the creation of African-Americans whose roots and beginnings were in Africa.
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Jazz as a Term 5. Used as a derogatory sexual connotation. 6. Originally spelled " J-A-S-S " and was used as a verb, rather than a noun. 7. Early ragtime piano players played in bordellos, so the music was thought to come from a sub-culture. Not for polite society. Jazz was not an accident Reasons for growth and development Jazz as social history Turn of the century 0. Black culture had developed a musical system very attractive to all people. 0. Spirituals, minstrel shows, ragtime 1. Abundant in New Orleans, as opposed to the “calvanist” north. 2. New Orleans people were ready to grow beyond ragtime. 1900- Shift in attitude/behavior 3. Victorianism 1. Order, decency, both good and bad aspects. 4. Modernism 2. Some saw Victorianism as appalling and stifling 5. Wave of immigrants had a “carpe diem” attitude 6. Explosion of technology 7. Cities grew at an alarming rate 8. Rise of Feminism Anti-Victorian systems 9. New ways of thinking emerged 3. Philosophy – William James 4. Psychology – Freud 5. Literature – Ashcan school 10. Jazz benefitted from this new “free spirit”. Growth of the entertainment industry 11. Entertainment didn’t work in rural life 12. Mass entertainment was possible in the cities. 13.
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Quiz 2 - Day 1 to Swing - This is a harder quiz because it...

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