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Midterm - FILLED OUT - It is important you study for the...

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It is important you study for the listening too!!! Otherwise, I took his study guide and filled in as much as I could, I used this to study for it myself. .. How to study the listening section ( Refer to the file labeled listening for song list ) know name of piece…….what band it is…….what period it belongs to Review the terms Early origins Minstrel shows – developed before the civil war, placed white performers in black makeup, where they mimicked, ridiculed, and made fun of the music, dance, and culture of the slave population. Often the writer of the music had little knowledge of southern black music. Most composers were from the northeast (Stephen Foster ex.) Congo square – a place where slaves were permitted to dance. Now called Louis Armstrong Park. Ring shout – a cluster of individuals moving in a circular pattern. Comes from an African ritual ceremony. New Orleans City Council designated Congo Square as the official site for slave dances. Other parts of the country did not permit this and outlawed African elements in the music of slaves. The Latin-Catholic influence on society was more tolerant. Genres: Ragtime – usually thought of as piano genre. It has an even division of the beat, and comes from the military march form AABBACCDD. Blues – a form of music, also a feeling AABA – form of many standard tunes, 32 bars long, 4 sections of 8 bars each, includes bridge Race records – a term applied between 1921 and 1942 to phonograph recordings made especially for African Americans. Term was coined by Ralph Peer of Okeh, the first company to have a race series. Pretty valuable today. Robert Johnson Hell Hound on My Trail (1937) nasal vocal quality. Interesting story about his death. At the age of 27, he was served poison moonshine during a performance at a Delta store. No doctor attended to him, and he died of strychnine poisoning. The owner of the plantation where he died listed syphilis as the cause of death. Used unmeasured phrases.
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Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers Black Bottom Stomp - Jelly Roll Morton was a pianist, composer, and bandleader from N.O. He was the first important jazz composer, which meant he “wrote it down”. He bridged the gap between ragtime piano style and jazz piano style. He was a black Creole, but was scornful toward blacks. Later claimed to be the “inventor of Jazz”. His first work was in bordellos of N.O. His most famous group – Red Hot Peppers. Sidney Bechet – Blue Horizon 12 bar blues, repeated phrases, slow tempo, tension and release. Bechet’s unique sound includes 1) vibrato and 2) “open throated” aspect. Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong Struttin’ with some Barbecue, Weather Bird - extroverted player, used marijuana and referred to it as “an insulator against the pain of racism”, FBI file due to Little Rock 9, His managers were affiliated with the Mob Bix Beiderbecke Singin’ the Blues - roots, musical style, first important white jazz musician, died early, composition for piano, introspective, wanted to be remembered as a composer
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Midterm - FILLED OUT - It is important you study for the...

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