Exam 2 Outline

Exam 2 Outline - I. Historic Foreign Policy a. Isolationism...

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I. “Historic” Foreign Policy a. Isolationism (Manifest Destiny) i. We should just keep to ourselves and stay out of things. ii. George Washington was more of an Isolationist. 1. Farewell address warned against getting involved with allies wars. b. Monroe Doctrine i. This said that we should play a more active role in the world ii. We have to get involved with anyone that gets involved with the North or South America. II. “Internatism” – Roots a. “New” Foreign Policy Elite i. politicians, military-leaders, etc. (people who say we need to rethink isolationism) they’re more disposed and willing to contemplate that for America b. Closing of the frontier i. West is now running out of expanding land and people look elsewhere to expand c. Industrialization i. Manufacturers look abroad for markets especially during the depressions d. Social Darwinist thought e. Example of Europe i. Imperialism ii. Missionary Impulse iii. Navalism 1. Started building bigger and more ships to make a great Navy III. Spanish American War a. BKGR b. Civil War in Cuba c. “Yellow Press” i. If there is no news then create news. d. US-Spanish Antagonists i. Delome Letter ii. Sinking of the Maine 1. Papers said that the Maine was sunk by a secret underwater machine… (a bomb) iii. War 1. The only ones that would have benefited from the US going to war with Cuba is the Cuban Rebels. IV.Military Aspects of the War a. Spain only had Cuba and Puerto Rica left b. Rough riders i. Teddy Roosevelt war hero c. Spain prevented the peasants from assisting by creating camps that kept them working in the day and in during the night so that the rebel groups could not get new people. V. Peace Settlement
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a. 3 D’s i. Dollars ii. Destiny iii. Duty 1. These three things were the reason for us to keep Cuba VI.T. Roosevelt’s “Big Stick Diplomacy” Plessy v. Ferguson 1896: Separate but equal It is ok to have separate facilities as long as they are equal. Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois NAACP I. Background a. The US has colonies and Islands thousands of miles away from home and needs to take the responsibility of protecting them. i. They would try diplomacy and peaceful neutrality, but if necessary; “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. Roosevelt would do what was necessary with the muscle the US had. b. Teddy Roosevelt builds the Panama Canal because they needed a quicker way to get from the Pacific to the Atlantic. i. Panama Canal became the LA Purchase of the 20 th century. ii. Panama Canal was a great decision for the US iii. Teddy Roosevelt got the Nobel Peace Prize c. European Situation i. One thing being said that all German speaking areas should be controlled by German policy 1. They wanted to set up a German colony in Southern Brazil but we had a problem with that because of the Monroe Doctrine. ii. Roosevelt wanted a balance of power in Europe and a balance of power in
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Exam 2 Outline - I. Historic Foreign Policy a. Isolationism...

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